So need a distraction…

Right now. This whole house buying thing is driving me absolutely nuts. I dont remember it being this hard before.  Maybe its the economy or maybe its because I sold my old house as a short sale. Or maybe its just because the house we want is a HUD home. Who knows…but the deadlines and phone calls back and forth, faxing and emailing all day. Its frustrating me.

And the whole thing hinges on one single piece of paper. That I have been trying to obtain from chase bank for..oh… I dunno…3 damn weeks now. Multiple conference calls…and requests.  Phone calls…

And its not happening.  They cannot verify what they have already reported to my credit and the new mortgage underwriter won’t accept my credit report at face value, and wants a verification. 

Really?  Well…the whole loan sits waiting on this one stupid paper. And a underwriter who wants to make sure this new loan is impossible to get.

And time is running out on our HUD deadline. Will probably have to back out of the deal or start losing money.

The cuss words that are coming out of my mouth…..whew.