What a nightmare this house thing has been!


I don’t remember it being this hard before. I guess the rumors are true, about how tough lenders are being.

But, we now have a house.a huge house. a MONSTER HOUSE.


that’s my nickname for it anyway…the monster. 3200 sq ft…unreal. I cant wait to start doing before and after pics! and have a kitchen where I can actually fit my soap and canning stuff!

I may not collect knick knacks and shoes…but I do have hobbies that require space. Between the Halloween stuff, and the kitchen stuff…I will fill the basement! I cant wait for Halloween. hehehehe. Oh, and a garden…mmmm.


It sucks that I have been sick all week and haven’t been able to do much, or think much for that matter…but the house will be ours by the end of Feb. 2 weeks!

so much to do…and so terrified! Committing to another house is not something I thought I would be doing this quickly. It was such a huge releif to get out from under the old house…i would have never thought I would lock into another…that needs TLC.


My original goal was to get a beach condo…but that will have to wait until we get the house right. Not scratching it off my list though.