Holiday Campground,  Lagrange GA #75

Location: Lagrange Ga, West Point Lake

Website: Holiday Campground

This is one of those reviews I don’t want to write. Right now, this campground is currently my favorite. I don’t want to share it. I don’t want to tell it’s secrets. But, I am simontanesly super excited about this place!

Campground: The campground is large! It nearly took us an hour to make our way around the entire thing.  West Point Lake is fast becoming a favorite. It’s an Army Corp monitored campground. They have some different rules than state parks, but pretty similar.  Check-out is 3pm, which is great for leaving, but the check-in time is 4pm, which is pretty late but seems standard with Corp campgrounds. We got there around 5 or 6. The check-in/check-out times might contribute to the condition of the sites, considering we didn’t give enough time for the sites to be cleaned up. A LOT of reviews mention the hosts/check-in staff not being nice. They weren’t super friendly, but they were not rude even when we were checking in early. We did not have any issues with them the entire time we were there. We actually didn’t see them much until we left. We saw a couple of hosts at a maintenance shed once.

Amenities: Couple of bathhouses, 2 dump Stations, Boat ramp. Playground.  It’s next door to Glade Marina, so I can definitely see the benefits of staying here if we had a boat docked at the marina.

Privacy: Better than most, at least our site. When summer comes and the area greens up, I can see having even more privacy. The entire campground is spread out, with small cluster areas so everyone is not crammed in together like Tugaloo State Park. Most of the sites were up pretty high from the water, i.e. embankments and drop-offs. Not so great for kayaks and fishing, but spectacular for views.  The first loop was closer to the water. Next time we visit I hope to get one of those. Somewhere around sites 1-14.

Dump Station: The dump Station could use some improving.  It had water, but no way to attach a rinse out hose. I can see why they don’t want anyone spending extra time rinsing, but I don’t like not being able to rinse the tanks. It has two stations, but they are consecutive,  not parallel.  And for 150 sites, that means pretty significant delays at check out. We sat in a line of about 10 RVs, waiting. Everyone seemed pretty calm about it, but I can see where some campers may get a little twisted.

Line behind us at Dump Station

Site Specific: Site 106 did not have a grill like some of the other sites.  I am not sure of the deciding factor for grill or no grill. Best guess is the got damaged, and removed, but never replaced.  It was definitely large enough for a camper and a large tent, or 2 very large tents and a pop-up.  It had a lantern pole, but it was a lot shorter than most we have seen.  We had a small mini-lake to contend with when we arrived.  But, we had just went through a heavy rain. It took a full day of sunshine to disappear,  but if I were in a tent, it would stress me. It was not on the tent side, but still, it was pretty big.

Level-ness: Fairly level. We had to use 1 set of levelers on the driver’s side, which is unusual.  There was a small lake by the utilities hook ups, which was a visual indicator of just how un-level it was, on that side thankfully.

Condition: Again, I was a little disappointed in the condition of the site, and the campground in general.  After being closed for so long, I really thought it would be somewhat “refurbished ” but it was not. The fire pit grill was rusted beyond saving or use and had clearly not been dug out in a long time. We ended up grabbing a shovel and digging it out ourselves.  There was not a lot of organic debris on the site, but there was trash. Someone left a tote lid, found some glass shards by our door, and the slope had some weathered cans etc. The wood barrier was no longer standing straight up, and the wood was begging to split in areas. I would not want to count on it to keep me from falling down the hill.

Maneuvering: Getting into the site was easy.  I did notice some of the loops looked a little tight, but there were RVs larger than pop-ups in the loop, so it must have been manageable.

Bonus: Our site was within walking distance to a grave. A very, very old grave. Not everyone might think that’s a bonus, but I thought it was neat, and the family name was Mckinney so, there’s a significant amount of history there. Who doesn’t love a tombstone and some history? Tombstone is difficult to read, but its the wife of Mckinney, born 1832 and died 1858. I couldn’t find any info online about the history of the family or how it all came to be. Only the above linked site confirming the information on the Tombstone. 

Pros: For us, close to home. Private. Woodsy. On the lake. Large site.

Cons: Maintenance was lacking, the dump stations weren’t parallel. No rinse hose on dump station. It could use a really good clean up overall.

To be fair, we had some bad weather,  and a lot of rain the in days leading up to our visit. With a large amount of campers coming and going, I could see where getting to clean out every site between reservations would be a challenge. And we are just barely out of “winter” season, so it has been really cold, maybe it was difficult getting out there to tidy up.

All in all, it was GREAT. and we would come back. And will be back since it is so close to home. The issues were fairly trivial,  compared to the peace and quiet. There was nothing bad enough to make us want to stay away, and it was so quiet the entire time that we drank coffee, sat by the fire and I pretty much fell asleep. The peaceful atmosphere was like a drug. The campground was not packed thankfully, so I think the season is just getting started.

Looking forward to a great season 😁. Thanks for reading!