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We had a great time visiting the Tennessee Aquarium. The last time we were here, was about 17 years ago. For his 22nd birthday, all my 22 year old wanted to do was the Tennessee Aquarium. So, we were in need of a trip, and there we have it.

Ordering tickets was a Breeze. With covid, it has become even better. Because you can choose times, and there are no nearly as many people. Rock City was so busy I could hardly get pictures, but the Aquarium was fantastic.

It took only a few hours, but we could have lingered much longer. There were so many different exhibits, and the fish were SO large..they were just amazing. If you don’t appreciate fish, it might not be the thing for you, but I think anyone who’s appreciates them, (Even just for food) would love a visit.

We got one of the first time slots available, which ultimately benefited us with parking. The parking area we were at was $10 for the day, and we just splurged for the whole day because who knows what could happen right?

After the aquarium, we did some exploring on foot and it turned out to be great. We found Maple Street Biscuit Company, which had nearly everything on a homemade biscuit you could imagine, and fried green tomatoes. So, I was good. And The Cupcake Kitchen, my personal favorite. A real bakery with homemade tastes 😋

This post is quick, and full of pictures 😁

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