Jim Beam vs. Weller wheated

I’ve recently been introduced to the world of fine bourbon and cigars. A friend of mine i work with is from Kentucky. He brought up the subject and, being interested in the finer vices of life, I bit hook, line and sinker. Having this conversation with several other people in my particular bubble, I realized I was waaay behind! This is huge. My friends and coworkers started giving me bourbon and cigars with all the “proper” info on how to enjoy these treats. What to expect, flavors to try and distinguish, different aging methods,, complementary foods. This goes for both bourbon and cigars. I’d say “who knew?” but it seems the answer is most everyone around me but me! Digging into the internet I found there are literally instructions on how to properly smoke. I was entranced.

So my first review is of Jim Beam straight vs. Weller wheated. Jim Beam has always been my go to bourbon. I love Jim Beam! Or do I??? Yes, yes I do. Beam and Coke. Like peas and carrots. Until you pour it neat and sip there really isn’t much to tell. But when you do!

Jim Beam:

The smell is nice and sweet. You can definitely notice hints of corn and vanilla. Also, more of a sensation than smell, like passing by a hayfield being fresh cut. You notice you’re surrounded by it and engulfed rather than just smelling it. Very earthy and warm.

Taking the first sip you’re hit with a nice toasty oak and spicy vanilla creme. A bit strong in the back of the throat. A nutty cashew like flavor settles in. Then it finishes with a sweet tartness. I know thats sounds conflicting. Thats the best I can explain it.

Weller wheated is a whole different experience. It’s darker, richer, more body and just better.

The smell is incredible! The vanilla is unmistakable. Also a sweet flowery note with hints of oak and caramel.

The first sip is very smooth and sweet. All the things you smell come front and center. The next sip settles in a bit more sweetly and warm. Now you’re settling in. Time to fire up the Perdomo lot 23 sungrown and get ready to top up again! It truly is a nice and satisfying experience!

Comparing the two, I can only say that the Jim Beam is better to mix and drink in quantity while the Weller… don’t mess up a good thing with anything to alter it. Its definitely a quality thing.

So, I may not be the best reviewer. I am quite new at this and going by my very limited experience. Maybe doing a vs thing isn’t the way to go about it. It really is like comparing apples to oranges. They’re both great but both completely different. And yet they’re both straight Kentucky bourbons.

I’d recommend trying the side by side comparison yourself. I’m enjoying it so much! I’m tempted to fill up and start over just because I could. And it would be great! All in all, since I did do this as a comparison I’ll provide this pic. I know you can’t taste or smell it. But the pic shows quite a lot. See for yourself. Guess which is which and let me know what you think. Definitely do the comparison and leave a comment. CHEERS!!!

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