Not spring yet

In the garden.

So…we barely starting hitting warm temps, and our seedlings are spending ALOT of time outside.

Of course, there are the 1st sacrifices to mother nature, since we eagerly planted a week early and ended up with a make-shoft raised bed garden.

So, we paid a fortune, covered up the plants 🪴 for pretty much the entire week and hoped for the best.

The problem is…when you are just trying to cover the plants for the frost, you aren’t really thinking long term. We used large sections of plastic, and covered 2 or 3 beds at the same time.

This resulted in…inconsistent lighting. Watering and temps. The humidity was off the charts, but omg..the temps. Then we had 3 smaller beds, and we couldn’t keep those temps stable to save our lives. Or the plants.

Our “last frost” consisted of an entire week. From here on, going forward, Easter wknd is planting wknd. Unless we have a actual setup, working greenhouse with air and lights and vents.

For now…the battle continues…