Ugh! Apparently Spring is NOT here…

So we got really excited and planted our beds this weekend. Then…. checked the weather and it going to drop below freezing Thursday! Had to make a mad dash to the Home Depot and wrap our beds with plastic to protect everything we’ve been loving since January!

Sure makes an eyesore of what we’ve been putting together. Anyway, that’s Georgia for you. We planted in 80 degrees. Now it’s going to freeze (only for a few hours…). From now on, Easter weekend is our planting weekend. Its just one more week from last predicted on Farmers Almanac. Hopefully we don’t have to worry about it again. This was certainly an unexpected expense!

Better than losing 3 months of planning. This will certainly get dried and rolled up for the future! Right now it’s 59 and dropping (37 degrees tonight). Its 67 in the tents so we’re feeling pretty good about surviving it. A greenhouse sure would be nice! That will definitely be a future project! So, all that being said. We’ve got lots of peppers and other veggies that will make it to the market this year. We have lots of irons in the fire. Still have Okra, corn and tomatoes to plant. Fortunately we stopped before we got too far. Looks like Easter weekend is a perfect goal for planting. Now to get with my buddy Jon and harvest some wild hog.

And let’s not forget the Bass, Bream, Crappy and Catfish!!! I sure love the summer!!!

We’re working on getting a Vlog started. Hope to bring some of this to life soon. I know, we’re behind the technology curve. Only our skills lie elsewhere. We’re going to ramp up the content soon. Hope to give some insight into problems we face and how we deal with them. Maybe it’ll help avoid problems for you guys to learn from our mistakes. Guess we need to document the reality of all of this. It’s coming at you soon. Just be patient with us. Hope y’all have a wonderful Easter!!!


  1. It’s 23 degrees F this morning here in Indiana, so I’m glad I resisted the urge to plant my seedlings. And, I’d rather read than watch videos…..


    1. I really hope this is the last cold snap. I tend to be more of a reader also. Especially when I’m trying to follow a recipe or something. Much easier than starting and stopping a video constantly.


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