Boondocking: 1st time out-undisclosed location

This is going to be interesting. Taking the kids, taking the dog, taking the camper and going out in the middle of nowhere. I know, for alot of people..this isn’t a big deal. But the 1st time out, is making me a little nervous.

It’s not like I haven’t camped in the middle of the woods before. Pre camper days, so this should be a breeze. Right?


We have a generator. And propane, and firewood. Trying to figure out food that will require the absolute least effort possible, with minimal electricity or fuel can’t be that hard, right? I can only do so many sandwiches.

There will also be a couple of friends out there so its always a question, bring extra, or will they cover their own completely? We went camping last year with a bunch, that were notorious for not bringing enough to cover themselves, let alone any one else. So we got “trained” to always bring more than enough.

3/4/21: Well, the boondocking got canceled for the 1st try. I’m a little relived because we REALLY did not have any sort of plan in place and it was causing anxiety. I had nothing packed. We had NOTHING LOADED. WE didn’t have a food plan. We didn’t have full propane tanks and honestly, the truck was in desperate need of an oil change. Considering the camper has been stored for a couple of months, for winter..I did not even have a good grasp on what we left in there.

I’m a planner. Sorry. I feel better knowing I have a plan. Some people don’t need that. I do.

Sooo..maybe next time we can try some dry camping πŸ•πŸ˜…