Here we go (grow) again…let’s make it stick this time

I have caught the EVERYTHING bug again. I guess I should say WE have caught the “let’s do EVERYTHING” right now bug.

We are going full throttle back into gardening. I’m making more and more soap. Been working on some branding. And right now my brain feels a little like it wants to explode.

Its really crazy, but there are SO many people trying to do what we are doing, and it really seems that we could be drowned in competition, for gardening, selling peppers, soap, plants and what not. We really haven’t even attempted to sell anything, but its a plan. Looking at the big can really be overwhelming, then the “whats the point” sets in. There are at least 5 others right here in my town, within shouting distance doing the exact same thing. And there is is so much online, and soooo many, say, soap-makers, that there is no way I could “corner” a market in the soap industry.

Its quite possible some of you reading this are saying “oh, another homesteading thing.” “Surprise surprise, another couple Rving” and gardening (insert activity here that is blowing up all over the internet.) They really do seem to be a dime a dozen.

I’m not even going to try to compete. That is not the point. I didn’t start making soap nearly 15 years ago, to be a famous, mass soap producing industry leader. I started doing it, because I enjoy it. I like creating it. I like trying new ingredients. I began selling it, because I literally had soap overflowing, busting out the seams of my house, and was giving it away. Much like I do plants, and veggies. And treats, and jellies and EVERYTHING else we do. Same concept, for writing. I hope someone reads it, and enjoys it. Maybe even get inspired, or learn a trick or two. But ultimately, I post because I enjoy it. And enjoy writing, and working on it. As I have done for many years 😁

We are doing it, because we enjoy it. If I make a good solid bar of soap, then I’m happy. If I can grow a tomato plant from seed, and have it on a delicious tomato sandwich, I consider myself a success (because we all know how bland store bought tomatoes are).

How can you not get excited seeing your hard work payoff? All my baby plants 😁. How exciting is it, when you see someone you don’t know, possibly read your post? Or looked at a picture of something you created? Even if they didn’t even read the whole thing, they took a moment to acknowledge it. Thats a big part of why we all do it im guessing.

So if I offer up a plant or some produce, to give away, good. If I offer up some extra soaps to sell and someone else can enjoy them, even better.

We are not looking to make a trillion dollars. We want to maybe recover some costs, so we CAN KEEP DOING IT.

And doing it we are…because we love❤ it. And we will keep doing it, even if we don’t make any money. And yes, I know sometimes I say me and I, and then I say us, and we. This is a “We” thing, but when “I’m” writing, its me. And when I’m sitting and trying to list all these plants on Etsy, its “me” doing the tedious task of listing.

And ny the way, I am not a salesman. I do OK with pictures, but writing some eye popping, sales ad is not my thing. I’m a little to practical when it comes to writing up listings. I admit it, its a challenge for me and I will work on it. Our Etsy store is lacking. Almost embarrassingly so. It takes time to do those stores. Setting up, listing every single item, shipping, having good pictures and ad copy. I admire all the folks who are doing it, and doing it well!

I included some recent pics, but I have been mostly posting my pictures on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, come by and check us out 😁 or find us with @alilmorethyme

Talk to you soon!