Biscoff Cookie-cakes

Ok, so I am IN LOVE with this stuff. Its absolutely delicious on its own. And of course, I taste it, and taste “possibilities”.

Cookies (naturally), cupcakes, omg cheesecake and biscoff buttercream frosting. Whipped cream on Irish coffee.

My head is spinning with ideas. Of course, a trillion other people have done the exact same thing, I’m a little behind because my work friends just enlightened me to this “cookie butter” stuff.

Yes, I will make these things. And YES, I will link to the recipes because lord knows I didn’t come up with these on my own, and don’t have the money or patience to try over and over again to make a biscoff cheesecake work. My “seat of the pants” oreo cheesecake was a complete failure!

I dont like cheesecake that is miscolored, or chunky. Toppings can be chunky. Toppings can be anything you want, but keep cheesecake clean, and light. And pretty. Crust up, crust down, don’t care..but I dont like lumpy cheesecake. This recipe came out delicious, but I did have an issue trying to get the cake off the springform pan bottom. I have not perfected that technique yet, especially with oven baked cheesecakes. I definitely did not want to rough up the cheesecake in the process, so I left it.

I will need some practice and research on this particular disfunction I have.

Biscoff cheesecake

Under the plastic, of course

I regret not having more cream cheese on hand to make a larger cake, or multiple cakes, because this stuff is delicious!

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I didn’t get a good pre pic of the cheesecake, but im getting better. I need to find a way to cover the cheesecake in the fridge without smashing the frosting.