Hook, Line & Sinker: North Shore Landing, Ga

Ok, so I got tricked. I saw an ad for free nights at a campground. I thought it was a contest.

It was not.

Within hours, the phone calls started. And I WAS intrigued by the fact that a campground was doing a time share. And genuinely wanted to check this place out. I would not invest in a timeshare in a million years. I would rather go buy a small chunk of land.

BUT. I got interviewed. They asked if we had a camper and for details on the camper. Our salary range, full time etc. I thought “hey, maybe this is for research”. They still NEVER mentioned timeshare, and still haven’t.

This started on Monday. Today is Friday, my appt with them is tommorow. I spoke with 2 different people on the 1st conversation, which didn’t make sense. Made an appt. They called again that night. And have called me twice a day since then. AND they have texted Jimmy twice CONFIRMING our appt.

I can tell you, just by the amount of phone calls we have already received in 5 days, I have no interest in getting into any agreement with them. I’m not even sure how the free nights work, but more than likely, we won’t be using them. We aren’t even taking the camper with us.

I get that they are trying to make a buck. But pushy, extra sales people are like the annoying waitress who checks on you too many times, to the point you can’t have a decent conversation, or eat.

I can understand one confirmation phone call. And not one to the alternate number I gave you, to a person who you haven’t even spoken to.

In my case, it would be no sale anyway, but the numerous calls and texts have not helped.

I took a moment to look at the Google reviews, and they were pretty mixed. There were several reviews saying their reservations got switched to another site. I wonder if they allow non members to reserve a site, and when a member comes, they give the good one to the member. I am actually very curious to see how they operate, and get this tour. They have cabins, park models and actual box cars you can rent to stay in if you don’t have a camper (or tent). Yes, they allow tent camping, which is great since most of the private “rv resorts” I have come across won’t allow tent camping. That has been an issue for us when we are going for an extended vacation with both kids. They usually sleep in their own tents, along with any friends they bring.

Appt day! Woohoo.

Not really, but I’m trying. I really should have scheduled this for another day. I have a test next week I should be studying for.

This place is almost 2 hours away from us. Which isn’t really that bad, but its from one side of Atlanta, to the other. West to East. Directly through Atlanta traffic. Even on a Saturday, Atlanta traffic is nerve wracking.

The trip ended up taking about 2 hours. At 80mph. So safely with a travel trailer..about 1 1/2 hrs. I’m kidding, but not really. He hauls ass.

The “KOA” registration. Wrong building

I’m just not in that big of a hurry. Even on the way home. 90mph. I dont get it. Like what are we gonna do at home? You aren’t keeping up with the traffic when you are passing them like they are standing still.

Maybe he was a little put out about this whole trip. I enjoyed getting out and checking out the other side of Atlanta. I never get to see it. And I realized. It looks pretty much the same (well, what I could see in the blink of an eye while going 100mph)

And then you want to eat jerky? And drive with your knee. Seriously. Its to the point that when he does stupid shit driving, I stare out the window because I REALLY dont want to see my death coming. Hopefully it will be instant and I can just wake up in hell going wtf happened?

Anyway, besides the terrifying drive there..the place sucked. I really wanted to like it. I had high hopes. But I’m still confused about it. We didn’t get over the, your at the wrong building, go to the back in the corner past all the long term campers (even though their site says 2 week limit).

Ok. So, we walk into the office once we are all the way back by the part that hasn’t been built yet. And the lady says “Hi, fill out this form and go sit over there.” I wish I had taken a picture of the form. It felt like a bank loan application. Income level. How many people. Where do you live, do you have a trailer, year make model and do u actually travel in it. Do you have a job? What’s your household income level. Gimme ur email. And any known phone numbers. Have you ever invested in a timeshare before?. BINGO! The word finally came up.

We sort of looked at each other, sat down and were like. Uh, I dont really want to fill this out. Can we at least get a Sales pitch 1st? Find out what in the actual hell is really going on. I decided to “tour” the office by using the restroom. (Always a good one in my book)

It was shoddy, and had terro ant baits directly in the hallway. There was a group, getting ready for their tour in a golf cart, in 43° temps. And the guy I made eye contact with had the ” what in the actual hell is going on with these crazy folks” look going on.

So, we left. Took our uncompleted clip board back to the front, and I said that we will pass. By the time we got to the truck, the lady who told us to have a seat came out and yelled “don’t you want the tour?” No, we are good, thank you. ‘ don’t you want your free gifts?” Uh, no, no thanks.

Sorry. I really wanted to get a great review, on a new concept (to me at least) in camping. I failed. Couldn’t even feign interest at this point. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST!

In summary, we learned a lot. This timeshare is located INSIDE a KOA. KOA campgrounds are known for long term campers. How they are operating inside another is crazy to me. Its unfortunate that a “resort” style commitment would leave you staring at a long term camper who has probably lived there for 3 years, with all of the “accessories” that come with long term rv stays. Fences. With cheesy decorations. Honey wagons, busted pop up tents, travel trailers with windows units in them from 1970 and very close living quarters. Actually. Worse than a trailer park, because you at least have some space in between your trailers in a trailer park. And not a shared driveway (mostly) and running water and a septic tank. It was a glorified trailer park, made to look like a rv park, on a muddy lake. I was not excited about Lake Oconee. It was muddy. Been there done that with Broad River. No thanks!

Great beach area, photo doesn’t show mud well

The place overall looked clean and well maintained. Most of the sites had concrete pads, and real decks that met up with the camper doors. They had a pretty cool railroad theme going on, but I’m not sure where that came from. Not being familiar with the area, maybe the railroad was a big thing for them.

The pool looked clean and maintained, but didn’t have a cover on it, and was closed. The water was sparkling and inviting (had it not been in the 40’s).

The back of the pool house.

I didn’t stick around long enough to get costs, but it was probably more expensive than most. Maybe if they call me back, I’ll try to ask again. If you are looking for a place to stay, with your camper, the KOA night be for you long term wise. As for a timeshare? I’m still curious how it works, but its not for us.

If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can find them below!

North Shore Landing in Greensboro, GA