Not what you want to think it is (or maybe it is…)

Chocolate Scorpions (Smoky LOVE!!!)

As it turns out (our boy isn’t too happy about covering his ride). This is the final harvest of all our peppers this year. It’s still the endorphin rush you’re looking for. Just from another perspective!. We’ve got some Big Jim’s. Some Carolina Reapers, Trinindad Scorpions, Tasmanian Habaneros, yellow and orange Scotch Bonnets, Chocolate Trinidad Scorpions, Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia), Red Savina, Seranno and more! As you can see, some are ripe. Others are still green. Think of it this way. Imagine the difference between a ripe tomato and a green tomato. Just because your peppers aren’t ripe doesn’t mean they’re not good. While ripe, red, mature peppers have a sweeter, more resolved flavor. The green are tart, sharp and have a nice bitter end. Never let anything go to waste! You’ve put a ton of work into your harvest. USE ALL OF IT! You can pickle it, ferment it, blend it, powder it, jelly it, or sauce it! You’re options are only limited by your imagination. The goal here is; Come up with an idea, work the idea to make magic! Once this is done. Take the next step. There are steps until there aren’t. This is the key to creating things to separate your talents from the herd.

In this context (hot peppers) imagine. How hot is it??? Can people enjoy it? Granted, I can eat things that would make most people freak out. Sweet tea gives me heartburn like you can’t imagine, but, hot sauce leaves me having dreams of HELL AND DAMNATION! A welcome relief from reality!!! We’ve got lots coming your way. THANKS FOR COMING OUT AND KEEPING THE SCENE ALIVE!!!