We picked a name πŸ˜

We have finally decided on a name for the things we do, and one that fits a lil better than Pure Purrfections. I think it will work, and has A LOT of potential and flexibility. I’m pretty stoked. It just sucks, because we have been doing everything under the Pure Purrfections name, and now all that content will have to transfer over. I wanted it to do it before we got too far along though.

Pure Purrfections is a name i had many years ago for the soap business i was growing. And it grew well, very well actually. Even had some soap in GNC, but I didn’t take that leap and dedicate my efforts all to soap. I ended up keeping my day job, and backing away from the soap. Is what it is right? I cannot change the Facebook page it seems. Sigh, these names will be linked for ever.

My intentions are not to start a new blog though. I really dont want to start completely over. Alot of work over the years has gone into the Pure Purrfections brand, so I may keep it on the back burner. Im going to have to look into how to switch a lot of these over, and just don’t have much Time with school, work etc. Now, the holidays are over, im going going part time, and I’m going to nail this whole school thing.

A Lil More Thyme…all we need πŸ˜€