Covid Vaccine yes or no?

Terrifying. Is it all its cracked up to be? Is it going to work? Should I, should I not?

What happens if I dont? Get sick? Have months or weeks of residual symptoms, or long term damage? Get others sick, be out of work for months, or in the hospital? Without insurance…


What happens if I get the vaccine? I get sick? It doesn’t work and I get sick anyway? 10 years and they figure the vaccine screwed something up? Potentially feel like crap for a couple of days?

Hospitals are filling up, ppe is getting short again and im about to lose my insurance. Besides, I dont want to get sick. And im not exactly the “healthiest” person around. And im definitely not young.

Anaphylaxis is the biggest threat? But, if they are prepared…and I end up in the hospital, at least I have insurance right now. ๐Ÿค”

Got the shot far so good and I didn’t stop breathing. Several of my co workers joined and it good. Short wait, very little paperwork..and maybe…just maybe..I won’t end up sick in the hospital from Covid, and us nurses can keep taking care of everyone else!


I’m tired, but no more than usual. My arm hurt like hell for a couple days, but thats about it. I spoke to some coworkers, 2 of which had already recovered from COVID, and they felt like hell. They actually felt WORSE after the shot than they did when they had COVID. Now they are terrified of the 2nd shot, since their response seemed more severe.

I’m a little concerned about my 2nd shot, now that I have the “initial” exposure. I had 4 days off after my shot, they went to work the next day. Maybe being at home and resting is a good idea. The CDC is recommending Healthcare workers plan for 2 days of symptoms.

UPDATE 2 Weeks: I’m tired, but its not the shot. I am having trouble getting set up for the 2nd shot because the health dept is overwhelmed. Maybe they did not expect such a turn out, but people needing the 2nd shot should get some sort of priority, since it is required to be in 30 days from the 1st. Hopefully, this will work out ๐Ÿ˜ณ

UPDATE: 1/26/2021

Got my second shot today. After I drove through the empty gerbil maze, I waited about 20 minutes for my drive by shot. It was fairly quick. Painless. Went on my lunch break.

My arm is pretty damn sore. Im a little anxious about all the “side effects” I could have. I’m tired. Hopefully, tommorow will be good ๐Ÿ‘