He went to Jared….

Hahaha..well, im kidding.

He went to walmart…but my Christmas present is waaayyyyy better than jewelry. πŸ˜ƒ

He got the kitchen aid stand alone mixer for me…sigh ❀😍

Oh the things we shall make! Well, things I probably already make, but now, I have to learn to do them all over again because I have a mixer, and its DIFFERENT than doing it by hand.

And yes, I know they say you shouldn’t give appliances for gifts, but im thinking that’s more of a dont give appliances for birthdays. And I LIKE appliances. I like getting new stuff, like a new mixer. Or vacuum. Oh, and brand new fridge would make my heart burst ❀. Ill put that on my list 😁

..and the attachments! I can make my own pasta, and then I won’t have to peel my own tomatoes for sauce. And I can make sausage, and cucumber swirls. And I can make those pecan bars, which I struggled with because the batter was so hard. Im thinking this is more of a “we” present, but yeah, it could potentially make my life easier. So we will go with it.

The possibilities are endless.