Beans and Bugs

Holy hell!

Well, to be fair, I dont THINK i would have killed my family, but I certainly would not have meant to do it. I mean, is death by bug πŸ› a punishable offense?

We bought a bag of black beans from Sams, about 6 months ago. And we haven’t opened or used them. And they were full of bugs.

Now. It all fairness, the bugs may have not been there to start. They could have gotten in after the fact. Last summer we had a bird seed weevil incident. But, I checked all the other dry beans, and flour etc, and there are not any signs of bugs in those. And I considered the black bean infestation to be pretty significant. Obvious really.

Bean bug info. There are literally hundreds of articles and pictures on pantry bugs, and moth larvae etc, so I figure I would just contribute my 1st hand experience.


Well, my appetite is literally GONE now. My best guess is we bought these beans with the bugs, since I have not been able to find them anywhere else. At least, not visible to me. I did put all of our other beans in the freezer. I dont think i will be eating beans for a while.