2020 Camp Thanksgiving

2020 Camp Thanksgiving!

Our first turkey day in the woods. We decided to catalog it. Well, i decided to catalog it.. We have so many cool things happening, but neither one of us do well with the camera.

But we are trying. And documenting this may be a total waste of time, because I’m fairly certain only like 3 people will see it, let alone read it. One of these days, I may get brave and do some videos, but until then, this is what we have.

Fried Turkey: Fryer oil, pan, temperature probe, propane and burner. That’s the idea anyway. We want the bird to get a nice dark golden brown and reach a temp of 165• We got a great deal on a few turkeys,  so we stocked up. I don’t understand why you can’t buy turkeys the rest of the year. Wth. Anyway. We ended up with turkeys that had already been salted etc, and it is not recommended to brine your turkey if it has been pre-salted. I found the HUGEST ziplock bags ever,  put the turkey i. It, inside the cooler and we are good to go.

Well, except for the fact that our Turkey Fryer Pan, somehow managed a leak. In just the last few months. Luckily, Jimmy noticed the smoke before it went up in flames. We still had the fish fry pan, so we ended up cutting up the turkey, frying it pieces in the small pan. It was delicious. Like the Renaissance festival “turkey legs”.

Dutch Oven Cornbread Dressing: My original dressing recipe actually says oven or Dutch oven, so it worked perfectly and we didn’t need the new recipe. Again, I have to divide it up, and make 2, one for the house and one for camping. I used 4 packages of cornbread mix. I could have made my own, but it was a time-saver shortcut, especially when the spotlight wasn’t focused on the cornbread. Some hard boiled eggs, celery, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. Chicken broth instead of turkey and it was delicious.

I guess since we are trying a new Dutch Oven Cornbread, we should go with the Pumpkin Pie.

Pumpkin Pie: The pumpkin pie would be difficult, because we have frozen roasted pumpkins from the garden. Not canned pie filling. I also use cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger instead of pumpkin pie spice. Its always a hit. Sometimes I use store bought pie crust, and occasionally ill make my own. I think making a pie crust is a good skill to know, even if you cheat with store bought too.

Corn Casserole–My intentions are to try and prep things ahead of time, but that will depend alot on the weather. Made this at home, and it for the kids who bailed.

Green Beans–per the instant pot. Came out delicious as always.

Really wanted to try something new in the Dutch Oven. That didn’t happen. We had WAY too much food, considering the kids didn’t show. So the apple crisp didn’t make the cut.

Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes— these will be simple. Wrap in foil, with butter and salt and throw around the fire. Of course, we have the sweet potatoes, but ended up with too much food and decided against the sweet potatoes. Apparently we think we have more friends and family than we do. NOPE, DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT EITHER. we bought them. Brought them, and took them home. And still have them.

Giblet gravy–I’m going to make ahead of time at home, because it will travel well, and has to pretty much simmer all day. I half assed the gravy, since I was splitting it in 2. One to stay and one to go. Oddly, the home dressing was dry, but the gravy was fantastic. The camp dressing was perfect, but I never got the gravy to thicken, and it was watered down (milk). Go figure.

And whatever else we feel like.

We have tried and true recipes for Thanksgiving, but for home. We are adapting those recipes, for the camper. Not really sure how those will play out, but that’s part of the fun right?

Preparing for cold weather in North Georgia, November. We are bringing the Popup along, as well as these walls. Hoping they will fit, because the set I initially wanted, went up $10 today, and $10 yesterday ( Gave up on this set). Sooo this set of Pop up Side Walls are going to have to work.

Nov 24, 2020

Seriously. So neither of the kids are coming, one has to work. So my attempt to make a nice simple Thanksgiving, has completely fallen apart. One has asked for Corn Casserole, the other wanted Green Bean Casserole. And Pie. I really should have taken some pictures of making the pies. Man I suck at getting pictures.

We are off to a roaring start…

11/26: Damn it. I didn’t get pictures. This sucks. Didn’t need the side walls. The roasted veggies sucked. Didn’t cook the apple crisp. Didn’t cook the Sweet Potatoes, Turkey Fryer pan had a hole. Burned my leg. Campground was way beyond crowded and we got stuck in traffic both ways.

Nothing ever goes according to planned right? I added a few random photos. I promise, Ill try better next year. 🙂

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