Tomoka State Park, Florida #90

First off, the rangers are awesome. They opened at 8:00am, and we showed up exhausted at 8:02am. Thankfully the site was available, and we were able to check in. I’m not sure how they felt about it, because I know how I feel when people show up first thing at work. Or more than a few hours before they are supposed to, but honestly, we had our timing wrong, and I was thankful they were friendly.

What a huge relief that was. Shower, sleep. Eat. Its really the simplest things right.

Campground: The drive into Tomoka State Park was amazing. The scenery was exactly what you would expect for old Florida. The southern live oaks, with Spanish moss mixed with heavy underbrush and palm trees.

The roads in the campground were all sand and some sort of rock mix. They were fairly smooth when we first arrived. After some hit or miss rain the 2nd day, there was a noticeable difference in the ride. After drivng around and exploring the park, I could see a few spots that might be tough for a small car.

This park is AWESOME. Multiple day use areas, with easy dropins for kayaks, and areas for bank fishing.

The campground area was cozy and neat. Sand for pads (except the 2 handicap sites), roads, and parking. The roads did seem fairly narrow, with alot of trees. I think a larger rig may have difficulty, but we did see a 5th wheel tucked into a site so its possible.

If you look, you can see the 5th wheel in another site
Handicap site #91

Amenities: Bathhouse and on site store. The store sells beer, and offers Kayak rentals. It has ample parking and a boat ramp. I was impressed with the store, and surprised they sold alcohol, being a state park.

There is also a stand alone enclosed building in the campground area, that could be used for events. It had a play area (closed due to Covid I’m guessing), a large fire pit area and access to the water. The building was old, and could use some tlc. It did not look like anything I would want to use for a gathering.

Privacy: Sites fairly spaced out for Florida but even the closer sites, had enough brush in between sites that you could not really see your neighbor. Our site was set off a bit from our neighbors, so we felt like we had pretty good privacy.

Dump Station: Clean and in good shape. Has a water “sprayer” but you CANNOT flush your tanks. That is not good. We used a tote, and just flushed from top a few times and that helped, but without being able to rinse, I hope gunk doesn’t get stuck to our sensors, again.

Site Specific #90

Level-ness: Easy. Only took few minutes minutes and 2 rows of levelers. The pad is Sand, so you may have to “level up ” to allow for some sinkage. By the time we left, our levelers were pretty good down in the sand.

Levelers in sand
Levelers in Sand

Site Condition: Fire pit clean but a little rusted. A lot of dried debris for fire starters, and even some actual logs. And not pine either. No stand alone grill, just fire pit grill. Nice solid wood picnic table that able to be moved. (The Handicap sites have a stand alone grill)

10x10 Popup

Maneuvering our site: Backing in only took one re-adjustment. At first glance, I thought it was going to be close, but the camper actually went in very well, and easier than a lot of sites. The biggest concern was to make sure slide would go all the way out. We had plenty of room, it just didn’t look like we would. 2 large tents could easily fit the space. The parking was enough for a small truck, and we had to park horizontal to the camper to fit. A benefit of not having clearly defined parking areas, we were able to back the truck in as far as we wanted, which closed us in even more, and blocking anyone’s view from the front.

Fairly close to a main road, because I hear vehicles (motorcycles i think) hauling ass quite often. That or a straight, cut through where drivers can cut loose. Not sure how well it was heard throughout campground, but in our spot, it seemed fairly close. It is Daytona, so, bikes are to be expected.

Bonus: Close to Ormond Beach, huge variety of restaurants and shopping. But far enough out, to be away from it.

Con: It took a lot of gas getting there, but we will be back 🙂