What I learned in the garden this year

So, every year in the garden, I learn something new. More often than not, I learn MANY new things.

1) Powdery mildew sucks. And once it starts, it’s impossible to get rid of, even if your plants are 10 feet away. In the south, it’s just the way it is, and all you can do is be vigilant, and ready to sacrifice a few plants.

2) Hot peppers take FOOORRRREEEEVVVEEEERRR to get going. Start early, like, new years day early.

3) Bell peppers do better with a touch of afternoon shade. Out of 5 bell pepper plants, the one that starts getting shade around 330pm is the biggest.

4) So do most tomatoes. Out of 16 tomato plants, the 8 that get afternoon shade at 330 ish, are growing like crazy.

5) Okra grows like a tree, and can grow taller than you, if it gets FULL sun. The one that gets afternoon shade is the runt.

6) I hate Japanese Beetles. I have yet to find a good use for them. I dont like wasp, but since they do function as pollinators, they are tolerable. Japanese Beetles, are not. They are demons and will take out a garden in 2 days if left unchecked.

7) Large green Caterpillars dont die easy. Or well. And will try to eat while they are dying.

8) Pumpkins will bring you joy. Then break your heart. Especially when they get some sort of bacterial wilt. It sucks. I love my crazy, garden crazy pumpkins.

9) Black eye peas (purple cow peas) grow really well in clay, and keep producing. I also learned that you just clip the bean pod, and not the stem because that’s what helps them keep producing. They also attract pollinators like crazy! Wasp, ants, yellow jackets, and several other flying things that I’m sure will bite me if given half a chance. Not sure what is so sweet about the black eye peas, but the mean bees love them.

Guess that’s it for now! Thx