Renting our camper out

Yes, we are renting out camper out. We have not been able to use it much this year, so it just makes sense. Not to mention it will pay for itself if it goes well.

Unfortunately our first rental, damaged the camper within 2 or 3 hours.

Looks like they hit something and nearly took the stairs off. Hopefully it will be a quick, and somewhat affordable fix.


Camper for rent

I was really worried about damage to the inside, but it looks like I was looking the other way and wham! 1st rental, first day and damaged.

Outdoorsy Listing

It is what it is. It’s a risk you have e to accept when deciding to rent it out, but I was really hoping it wouldnt be so soon. Hopefully, after they did the bit of damage, it out their heads in the right place to avoid any future damage. Like, major damage. Nothing like wrecking someone’s property when you havent even gotten out of the first day. I imagine it’s pretty humbling.

Rent me!