Social media drama

I have to admit, there was a time when I was hooked on social media.

It got even worse when the website nextdoor came about. But really, it’s too much. I have had to remove myself from the sites…even if quietly. People are just whiny, miserable drama fueled monsters these days.

There was so much complaining and negativity on the next door “neighbor” site..the I emailed the neighborhood “lead” and was like, “hey, these people are nuts. AMD complain about everything from stops signs, to lack of speed bumps, where neighbors park their cars (in the neighbors own yard), dogs barking, smoke from burning leaves, to birthday parties. I am over this crap, and its nice having you as a down the street neighbor but I’m out. If you need us, or there is an issue involving us or our kids please call us or email etc.

And its been pretty good. Nearly 8 months, and not much drama. But I got an email notification about a post. And its everything I can do, to keep my mouth shut. This lady was complaining about loud cars and motorcycles after 8pm. Because they woke up her kid. I’m guessing momma doesn’t like to deal with her kids in the evenings, because it’s not the first post about it. The one last month was about the fireworks. The whole world should accommodate her kids. Not teaching the much ablut life are you. Life sucks, shit happens, you get over it or go live under a rock. So all of us sorry ass selfish, incondsoderate people blowing off fireworks and driving our modified vehicles and loud motorcycles should make sure we dont wake her kid. Her kid, is not my problem. Its hers. And if she cant deal with life, how is she ever going to teach her kid to?

So, all you people with motorcycles should just stop right now because you are waking up kids all over the country.

Then of course some bozo posts the only comment going on and on about illegal mufflers and modifications, etc.

Are you serious right now? This dumbass wants us to write the sheriff to complain so we cant get all these loud cars arrested. Wtf? Seriously?

Omg. I cant. I want to say something so bad..but I cant. It’s late and I dont want to open up the can of drama. I really am trying to let it sit on the shelf, but it’s like crack. It’s really hard to keep mouth shut. I can only hope someone else loses their control and calls thos dumbass out.

But, tomorrow, I’ll read it again, even though I muted her, and will prob5be the only selfish asshole to finally says something. Maybe some people just keep attention.