Groundcovers vs weeds

I recently joined a local gardening group and have already met really awesome member and had some online interactions with others.

I’m not a professional gardener by any means. I just get lucky sometimes and enjoy it.

Being in a local group with the same interests is awesome. Spoken like a true old lady huh?

One of the members already did a plant swap with me.

I got 3 different groundcovers. Some say weed, I say it’s better than mud on hill where grass doesn’t need to be. The hill is pretty steep..and for the 3 or 4 years we have been there..not much grows.

I have planted them all. I believe them to be creeping Charlie, vinica major and coreopsis. But I’m not positive. And moved a crepe myrtle over there. Also threw out some creeping thyme seeds, lavender seeds, moved some German thyme, jasmine vine and some gladiolus.

Out of all that, something better grow damn it.