Phishing on WordPress

So…no one really reads my blog. And I’m okay with that. But, I’m not stupid either..and when I have 10 views in one day..and definitely a day where I haven’t posted anything, I know somethings wrong.

10 views, and one like on one post, then 8 hours later…it all makes sense. The “like” is an empty profile, with 2 links posted someone else’s article. Duh.

Starting at 4am, I get 10 emails from best buy about guess what? My pure purrfections email. Gosh…I can’t imagine where that came from.

BUT…I’m guessing it’s a kid, and not a very bright one. They used my email, a name as “pick up in store”

Seriously? You are using stolen info, and prob stolen credit card, and you intend to pick it up in store. And even AFTER best buy declined your first 4 attempts, you keep trying.

I cancelled the orders. Duh. You use my email, it’s my account. And now your name and all your info that was listed on the account is now flagged by best buy. I’m hoping they will go the next step and notify the banks of the cards you attempted to you…. will have to create another account to get your Nintendo. Smh