Seriously…known this for awhile

I read about this nearly a year ago, when the guidelines first came out. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but there are certainly going to be a lot of people on medications, or told to take them now. Me included. If you have a headache, and go into the doctor, there is a good chance your blood pressure will be high. And if you have chronic sinus problems and take cold medications, or chronic aches and pains, there is a good chance your blood pressure will always be a little higher. There’s also a real good chance those issues will instantly put you into the hypertension range.

So, no, I guess I don’t agree with this decision. Because the 130/90 range is about where a normal person would be , with cold meds, or pain. Or stress and anxiety. So then you add to their issues by saying their blood pressure is high. Good job.

Read about new hypertension guidelines here