The End Game

So, I caught sight of this article and it really put my end game in perspective. And I guess, it really made me think about what I was willing to sacrifice, or endure to make my end game happen.

Of course, this is the internet and I can’t truly tell you what my end game is. My end game is constantly improving. And the things I do NOW will greatly affect my end game.

It really sort of sucks. Because you have, just like the stock market, risks and yield and roi. How much to put here, how much to throw here. Is my end game going to happen? Should I invest more in my plan B.

It sucks. And that is the bullshit that is called life. The whole “no guarantees” crap. What the hell ever. I need to know that is if I put x amount here that I will get x here.

Maybe I should have taken more financial classes or management classes here and there. But even taking those classes, I would still be in the same exact situation. Maybe I would have more confidence in my decisions if I had that strong 4 year degree backing me up..but ..does that really matter? Anyone can take a class. Anyone can earn a certificate, or research this or that, and because they spent 3 or months in a class learning about the algorithms to success, they think they know what the hell they are doing.

They don’t always know. I can promise, without having statistics and a link for you to prove me right or wrong, that those people don’t always end up successful. They never get to their end game. They are so weighted down by these numbers and algorithms and processes, that they just don’t make it happen.

It’s crap. It’s all crap. Knowing the market, knowing the people and adjusting your algorithms to what is working vs what the book says is what I really believe, is the secret.

My end game, includes other people. Other people close to me. It’s not all about MY profit or end game. It’s about a vision that I have that will enable others to reach their end game, or at least help them along the way.

Here is the article…not used with permission, hope she doesn’t mind, but I linked to her to give her some clicks because it inspired this huge round of blagh blagh blagh…

Article on vision and goals