I never ever considered a camper

But, it’s pretty awesome. Considering the money pit we are living in, the camper is a dream come true.

I have always camped. Tents, fire. No mattress, no fancy lights. Just enough to pack a real jeep, and hit the road. Camping with family was always a but more involved… but tent camping nonetheless.

But since my injury, and as age settles in, I find the camper, super cool. It allows us to actually go camping without it being a chore, and taking two weeks to plan. We can pack up and go. Of course there have been times where, I didn’t have a t-shirt, or house shoes/slip ons like flip flops but those aren’t necessities.

But all that comes with time. Getting the basics down, and having a camper stocked and ready, makes the difference is getting out of here on Friday afternoon, or not going.

You first start with the basics, then you get on with the cool stuff. And I did not realize, ALL the things required to make a camper functional. A lot of the items, you would think would be included. But they aren’t. Buying a new camper is like a blank canvas.

I was pretty disappointed that the dealer didn’t even WASH the thing once we bought it.

It was pretty grimy, but it has also been sitting for a year probably. The only things it had going for it, was the fact that it didn’t smell like b.o. or find some homeless guy living it.

That white cooler is from amazon, and actually keeps Ice, for several days.  Obviously there is a variation, if you have a lot of hands opening and closing the lid, and what the outside temp is..but its the best cooler we have purchased. It was actually purchased in Jun 2015, and is still going strong with regular use and haven’t lost any handles or wheels, and no cracks or splits.

Igloo Cooler

We have been using it about twice a month. It has survived it’s first snow, taking out a tree, and my mother n law-ish visit.

The camper has been great. We have been able to see family more often, have some weekend getaways (affordable) and open up so many more opportunities.

When all is said and done, I hope to be able to use the camper to resume vending in just far enough away places.

As things progress, I will have blogs about our experiences, and which products have worked well for us. The hardest part about blogging a certain topic, is having photos. I am horrible at catching photos when things are happening.

Although the camper comes with a lot of lights, the pantries and under bed storage do not have lights…so instead of having to dig around with a flashlight we got these, and they are great and convenient as can be. As soon as you open the pantry door, it activates. And its chargeable by USB.

Magnetic 10 LED strip motion light

MUST HAVES for beginners!

Gloves for Dump Station

Furnace Screen (to keep nesting bugs out)        Refrigerator Screen (also to keep bugs out)

Wheel Chocks