Amazon prime junkie

So yeah, I have an Amazon addiction. I’m not afraid to admit it. Granted, I need to real it in a bit, but honestly, it’s out of control.

There is not one single area of my life that is not affected by Amazon. The house, painting, parties, camping. Everything.

And I’m shocked that I did not learn about this Amazon associates program earlier. I’m a bit pissed actually, because I’m curious how much money there actually is in plugging for the business.

No, I’m not a professional writer. And I really DON’T live an exciting life, but damn it, I spend A LOT of money on Amazon, and have had a ton of people ask, oh where did you get that?

Well, Amazon of course. I love prime. I’m addicted to prime. If I attempted to list everything that I have purchased from Amazon, it would take be 3 days just to list the links. And that’s JUST links. That’s not turning it in to some cutesy, quirky eye catching blog.

But if I don’t get at least 3 verified sales or purchases with 6 months, I get booted from the program. Seriously? Well, I have a lot of back tracking to do. Shameless really. But I have posted about a lot or crap, just for the sake of rambling, and most of it involved Amazon products, but my dumb ass just rambled and didn’t link, and didn’t think that hey, I could could make 50 cents off this.

So, get prepared for a lot of pictures and links. Sorry, but I have sold my soul to amazon…..

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