Grrrr…i dislike copy cats..

So, I was browsing today. Looking for ideas, learning some of the soap tricks like swirling etc that I have not really done yet.

And I Google a name of one of my soaps. Just for funsies

And I found a soap site, and it sort of pissed me off. As I was browsing, I starting thinking, oh, that’s sounds like what I had written on the old site. Oh, look at that…there’s a rosemary mint soap, oh, and peppermint tree (tea) and on and on. Wow, that’s sounds like the description on mine, just jumbled up a bit.

Are you serious right now? There is way too much coincidence going on here. Maybe one thing, or two, but multiple? Yeah, I think not.

I have always seen it as a common courtesy not to use other people’s product names. Period. If you aren’t creative enough to come up with your own name, my guess is you are just repeating someone elses recipes too. Which means you are a fake.

So I keep looking at her stuff.   She just so happens to have a fragrance soap. Hmm. I instantly know what fragrance oil she used because one, it’s one I used. Two, I remember the sellers description, and three, she named the soap, the exact name of the fragrance oil. So, she is not only using my stuff, she’s using a suppliers info verbatim and not giving credit.

Seriously? I have sometimes doubted my knack for ad writing. Hate it actually. But, I did it and it pisses me off that this person won’t do the work.

Granted, I’m not as creative as some with swirls and artisan cupcake soaps etc.   But I do pretty good, and have always tried to stay on the more Natural side of soaps.   Here lately though, I have been looking into it because these soaps are beautiful.

But I can promise you, I won’t steal their soap names and descriptions. The site also had one little about us paragraph, that didn’t says how long they had been making soaps etc. And honestly, to sell something online, she didn’t even have bar size, ingredients (guess she’s afraid someone make steal them). Speaking of ingredients, her ingredients listed were listed the exact same way I do mine. Which isn’t really common, but I’m sure a few people do it. But on top of all the other crap…

Well, I’ll say it.

She’s full of shit.   And its also quite interesting that all of a sudden she’s making soap again, after her hiatus working on her house. Really. I’m serious. I’m going to have to switch over the site to cpanel hosting just so I can block her from viewing the damn site.

People. Unreal.