I hate it when I don’t write it…

down. It really seems so simple.

like a bar b cue rub.

Here is the label used in this image  Avery Astrobrights Color Easy Peel Round Labels

Don’t you? Don’t you HATE it when. You are experimenting with something or just playing around with a recipe…and you dont write every minute detail, and you can’t repeat it.

It freaking sucks. I have now done it twice. Ok, well, I have regretted it twice this month.

One with a she’s butter cream I made, and the lady I had using it, absolutely LOVES it. Oh. K. Fantastic. I have no idea what I did. Or which batch that is. Or, well, I’m clueless and I now I will keep trying what I think I already tried in order to do it again. Of course, I probably won’t write it down again then.

Or…i love how you tweaked that peanut butter fudge recipe last year, that came out awesome. Oh. K. Well, hmmm. Not really sure which tweak you liked, but I’ll try to figure it out.

But how do you really get in the habit? Do you wrote down every single thing you do, on every single recipe? Honestly..i would have millions of pieces of paper around. Every time I tweak a recipe or make something like a butter or soap a little different. Ugh.

I guess you really do have to document it. Name it in batches and keep a freaking notebook for every time you try.