Making soap again


I have started making soap again. It all seems so new to me. Things have actually changed ALOT since I first started making soap in 2007 and a whole lot in the last few years where I haven’t actually been paying attention to soapmaking.

I have been running through my old recipes, which turned out perfect I might add. And also trying some new, which failed miserably. And truthfully, I don’t want to use a black mica soap. I don’t care how pretty it is, it just doesn’t feel like soap. Charcoal maybe. Even African black soap, but even then, the soap isn’t pretty.

I have also been reading alot online and just looking at what is out there. I have been steadfast in my soapmaking but I am still learning, and willing to try these new ideas.

All the new molds, and processes with coloring and swirls and layers and pouring at light trace etc. I actually read an article today, that really threw me off because the writer said that the “gel phase” is optional. Of course, I thought it was necessary. And pouring at light trace or medium was a sure way to have oil pockets in your loaf. Which I have done. And I got the oils pocket because it poured at a false trace. Could be. But, I definitely have alot more soapmaking to do, and updating my ongoing ebook.

I have also always used wood molds, and I am certainly intrigued by the newer acrylic, silicone and hdpe molds. I’m actually eager to try the hdpe molds because honestly, I want a nice smooth seam and dont want to always have to peel off wax paper.

This is the new mold I will be trying out

I’m also looking into a new way of labelling. Simple and easy is what I’m going for. Not spending hours fitting paper labels to soap bars that I know won’t fit in a few weeks as the soap continues to dry out sounds fabulous.

And there are so many companies that now offer labels etc at affordable prices. I’m pretty excited actually.

Soooo…just fyi…there will be some website updates soon, as well as new pics and a refresher on all the old Pure Purrfections Soaps. And hopefully next spring we will be able to hit some festivals and get back to selling soap.

Wish me luck!