Somewhat emergency bathroom remodel

Nothing like a quick unplanned bathroom redo.

Its not like we had not PLANNED to redo the second bath.  It needed it and we had decided that would be the next project.  AFTER THE PORCH IS FINISHED. All in all its a small bathroom and in decent shape. Its actually the laundry room and main bathroom.

Of course.  Then I realized there was water all over the floor. The first time or two i thought it was from the kids sloppy shower.  Nope! Stupid toliet.

So off to Home Depot we go. I don’t know if any of you have ever done any remodeling but this is a typical timeline and playlist in my house. This is between persons A B and C just to keep it simple.

Person A: Crap….the toliets leaking all over the floor.

Person B: How long has it been leaking?

Person C: I don’t know.

A: how do you not notice a river of water pouring from the shower area to the laundry area?

C: I thought it was from taking a shower.

B: When did it start doing this?

C: I don’t know

A: I’ll figure it out

(Two days later)

A: it’s the toliet.
B: are you sure?
C: see attached photo.


B: oh

B:Do you know where its coming from.
Top or bottom?

A: I don’t know

C: thats been doing that since we moved in


B:wheres it leaking from?
A: THE seal around the toliet.

A,B,C: crap.

A:we need to replace the toliet.
B: might as well do the floor while we are there. Dont know how long its been.

A:while we have floors up we should paint.
C: can i get a new shower?
A and B: no.

And of course one thing always leads to another.  Paint accidentally rolled on the ceiling means painting the ceiling which means popcorn not primed and instantly falls off which leads to scraping the ceiling etc. Or removing knobs on cabinets to change out cracks cheap plastic doors which can’t be repaired which leads to new doors.

Which takes the project from two days and $500 bucks to 1 week and double the money.

And of course the cabinet is fine..but the counter top is a beautiful pale pink (cough gag vomit) and will no longer match ANYTHING in the bathroom  (or the entire house really)





You really have to love the rustoleum paint.  Rustoleum





So I was trying to find the orginal pictures of the bathroom before we started to tear it down. Nope. Can’t find them. They may be on the actual camera (who uses THOSE anymore )

We start ripping it out on 5/22. And week later..we have actually made quite a bit of progress. Everything is coming together nicely.


The floors are in..shoe molding is not done yet though






Im really happy with how its turning out. The counter tops were painted twice with Rustoleum counter paint and I love the idea but this stuff is hard to work with. There is a technique that i dont have. Its like really touchy nail polish. They will have to be sanded and done again but its still better than replacing  the whole top. Paying 20 bucks for one can that covers it 3 times is worth it.

There are still some things to come..touch ups etc but what a huge difference in a week and for less that 400 bucks. The toliet hasnt been set and that countertop is going to be the death of me.

Well…as pictures come..i will add more but i have a million other things to do at the moment