I got scammed. Like…bad. All my fault from the start…and I fell for it hook line and sinker.

I thought I was calling Dell, but I wasn’t. Somehow my wires got crossed and I called these guys.

Rude. Inexperienced and flat out liars.

They sold me into the fact that my entire home networked was being hacked.  That everything on my network was hacked. That is why my internet was dropping and I was having issues. So they wanted $500 bucks to fix all my problems.

So i freaked out and paid them. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

The warranty on the receipt I have says if my problem is not solved within 7 days, I get a full refund. The Website that my money paid for says 30 days. So THEY don’t even know what their refund policy is. It turns out that its only PARTIAL refund even when they completely crash a computer and it cannot be fixed remotely. It wont even boot up.

They spoke to me like I was stupid, and didn’t listen to what i was telling them was wrong. The have no data logs to know what they did, or who did it. Every time I had to call, which was multiple times..I got a new person who spoke Indian and had a new Frank. And after I went through the entire ordeal of what had been done and what was still going on and who worked on it…no one seem to know who the hell I was referring to.  is now working. I’m guessing the money they scammed off of me was used to pay for the go daddy domain fees. Monday and Tuesday, this website was up for sale and two emails sent to them came back undeliverable.

Agreement email
The confirmation email that they wrote, confirming my purchase with refund policy. For technical support. NOT software
Obviously not working
Customer Care email
Jan 6 undelieverable
This is me trying to get them to assist me via email. In the evening…with 24/7 assist. Obviously, not working
refund letter jan 8
This is the email it took me 3 days to get. Which goes against their FULL REFUND in 7 days policy listed on my receipt, and against their 30 day policy listed on their now working website.

“For subscription based plans, a full refund will be issued if the customer gives a valid reason for the dissatisfaction within the first 30 days from the date of subscription. If paid by credit card, refunds will be issued to the original credit card provided at the time of purchase and in case of Payment Gateway Name payments refund will be made to the same account

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I think crashing a laptop, installing suspicious files (installed by them, and found by THEIR software) and not fixing ANY of the problems calls for a full refund.

Not once after the initial sales scam, did anyone go back in and check the logs where he supposedly sold me on being hacked. MSDOS prompts where it says foreign computers are attacking my computer. Even after multiple calls two days later, when I was still having the same issues, did they check to make sure we were protected.

After 3 days of arguing and me having to be completely rude they offered me a partial refund because of the installed software they put on two of our machines. Of course, having to reformat these machines, the software is useless to me, so we will see if I actually receive a hard copy of the software and a usable key so I can use this software. On Tuesday, I tried to explain to them that the 3rd laptop will not boot. Of course, I’m a dumb ass in their eyes, and they still thought they could fix it remotely. I attempted to explain to them that they cannot access it…since it WONT BOOT UP. Of course, they made a verbal agreement that if they could not fix it in one hour, I would get a full refund.The agreement was they would call at 7am to work on the dead laptop. Both numbers. They called at 2pm. When I returned the call at 530pm, they said they tried to call…but both of our phones went straight to vm. THEY FLAT LIED.  They didn’t call, and if anyone wants to take it that far, I will pull the phone records. They have now called me a liar twice.

That didn’t happen. And somehow when I said “i want my money back, you are not touching my devices again” it took them 3 days to understand that.  And OF COURSE its not their fault the 3rd laptop crashed, its the conflicting software they installed (apparently they forgot they were unable to install Symantec on the 3rd laptop because it didn’t have enough memory) they just reinstalled what he already had on there…

I  just want my money back, and I don’t want anyone else to get screwed like we did.

*****updated***** jan 11 (yes..this has been a ongoing process and im waiting to post this until after I get my money back)

So….there has been no word or progress or deposit in my account. There has been no success in recovering the lost laptop.

I after some digging… it seems I am going to have to completely reformat the other two. I dont know what they did..and why…but it appears very sinister. I am unable to restore my laptop to MY last restore point because it has been deleted. They wiped it. So the only restore points I can use are the ones they created. They created a “good to restore” point right before they totally tuned my laptop upside down..but of course…oddly…that restore point is not working. It seems almost as if they purposely did I would NEED help should I ever try to do something as simple as undo the crap they did. And having trouble even getting my previous recovery discs to boot.

My computer is working. Sure. But they disabled everything I use on startup. Like the alienware command center. And my printer. And other stuff that I check on startup including my sound card stuff. Wtf? Nobody told them to do ANYTHING with my startup. How my laptop starts up and my choice. They also disabled a lot of my icons on the start menu. I guess they didn’t like them there..but its stuff I like to see. And its my fucking laptop. Now..its how they like it.


Finally recieved my refund on the 17th. I had to call again on Tues and insist on speaking with Billing.  I was told they would call me back on Wednesday. Which they didnt, so I had to call back on Thurday, and finally, rec’ed an email confirmation that the refund was processing on FRIDAY. Seriously. These dumbasses! And I still havent rec’d the software.