Finally…some peace


So..since February we have been busting tail on this house. While we were making some serious progress there have many things left undone or in packed.

Like the aquarium.  It has just been sitting in the corner looking dried out, empty and pathetic.  Looking like someone just moved in and hasn’t set it up yet. And actually hasn’t been set up for over a year since I broke it down early in anticipation of moving.

Soooo… $200 some odd bucks later..we have a fish tank again. Seems a lot of the old stuff got tossed between the two moves and frustration and aggravation.  So we got a lot of new stuff. But it looks great…and I found a use for the old recliner I got from granny.  It’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite spots in the house.



So…another area of work to add to my list…but totally worth it. You can’t really tell from the pictures..but right now we are having major fish drama and there are two fishes whose lives are on the line. I’m a big fan of flushing.  This one particular tiger barb has decided to play “i’m the biggest baddest asshole” in the tank and he is harassing my red tail baby shark. The shark is currently hiding. Hiding a lot.

We will see if he makes it or not. Not really interested in having a tank filled only with asshole tiger barbs…so if the shark goes…the asshole is going too. The store guy should have given me smaller ones…but he was an 18yr old “expert” on aquariums. Ha. The only thing I have ever seen an 18 yr old be an expert at is being a douchebag.

Time will tell. I listened to him…amused. not arrogantly…but genuinely interested in what he had to say…since I have had aquariums for my entire life. Hmph.

I’m off to relax…hahaha….and maybe do some flushing.