Seriously, it shouldnt be that hard!

Been seeing that all day


So, I have given up for the moment on installing Microsoft office on my laptop. It has taken several hours and two tech support phone calls (which I just plain hung up on one). It works, but when I go to the start menu to OPEN it, I get some damn error code that says “that function isn’t working properly, kiss out ass” and then proceeds to work. So it works, its just not working properly. Uninstalling, installing, rebooting and repairing, and I still get this dumb ass pop up. And dell wont talk to me, they send me to Alienware. But only AFTER explaining to DELL what the problem is. And you know, I will get to Alienware, and they will want to charge 150 an hour to completely go thru my system and then tell me its a software issue and send me back to dell. So i hung up.

They can all kiss my ass. Its my last day of my mini vacation.

I’m done. So I move on to my next project. De icing the driveway. It seems like it will be a simple task. In theory. So get the de icer and do some research as to when how etc to apply this crap so I don’t go sliding down this mountain of a driveway in the mornings at the butt crack of dawn to get to work before the damn rooster is up.

oh, so all this crap I just bought is going to destroy my driveway, kill my grass and plants, and prob irritate the hell out of my dogs paws (who is already allergic to everything you can think of).

Great. Just f’ing great. Not the the driveway is in any sort of decent shape. My guess is the dumb asses who lived here prior got a little excited with the deicer and THAT’S probably what shredded the driveway to start with. And left us with partial concrete, partial gravel busted up ruined driveway. I’m just guessing by all the other jack leg, ghetto fabulous fixes they did everywhere else through out the whole house.

Lets call it an educated guess.

So, hopefully since I don’t live in the north, have never lived in the north..i can gain some experience and survive these new found “global warming” winters we now have in the south where the temps are dropping below freezing in November instead of January without completely destroying my rear wheel drive vehicle and removing what is left of the pathetic excuse for a gravel (i mean concrete) driveway we have left.

We shall see. Hopefully I wont be posting any pics of me and the car sitting in my neighbors living room. Or on my side in the middle of the road. BUT HEY, I might actually get a chance to meet the neighbors.

hmm. I think i need some wine.