Time to hibernate

Its just too cold too soon!

I haven’t finished painting the spindles for the porch. That means the porch will not be completely finished until spring. Im ok with that…seeing as how I dont have a choice.  I can do some painting in the basement….but cant use the sprayer and will not make nearly a much progress. We bought this super awesome paint sprayer and I used it once before it got to damn cold.

the new sprayer can be found here. Its great so far that I can tell. We got it at a great price! Being that it was my first try ever using a paint sprayer I did pretty well. There was a lot of over spray and I still have some white clovers in the yard. Cleaning was easy…and hopefully we did it right but wont know until next time. The nozzle clogged a few times but it was nothing that really caused any problems. We bought a smaller tip (like suggested in online reviews) and it did a great job!

But now…its winter. I havent even stepped foot on the front porch in nearly 3 weeks. Odd considering that has been where the majority of my time has been spent. No more outside for me! I just can’t handle the freaking cold!

The Halloween party distracted and delayed us. Not that it wasnt needed…but crap!