Been a busy few months!

Its been awhile since I posted. Things have been crazy and I havent even had a chance to really get some good pictures.

The roof is finally finished and I am still working to get pics of it to send to the insurance company. Although I wanted a mix metal/shingle roof it just didnt work out that way. The roofing company screwed up royally on it. Horribly. Like general manager had to come out, they tore off the metal and just did shingles. It was finally completed.

The porch is coming along nicely but now that its getting afraid I wont be able to finish painting all the spindles!

A major disruption was the Halloween party..but it was worth it. We had fun..even though I fell on the stairs and broke my toe. Still suffering from that one.

imageSweeney Todd and Ms. Lovett
Sweeney Todd and Ms. Lovett

The garden is dead..all the fires are out and now of course…its time to get a new truck. He has literally driven it until he doors fall off!