Stupid ants…

Sooo…haven’t written lately. We haven’t had time.

Rotten Wood
Bad Gutter Damage
Damaged Wood
Squirrels Nest Damage
Mummified Squirrel

All this from carpenter ants and bad drainage. Twenty years without maintenance. And 20 years without pest control.

Its simple really. If you seen a large line of ants…or bugs..any bugs really but “carpenter” ants trekking into an area of your home…DO SOMETHING QUICK!

It cost about 20 bucks to lay bait and took maybe a month or eliminate the nest in the house. Of course. .there is also the squirrels..birds spiders and other creepy crawlers….

Destroyed Header
Carpenter Ant Damage

So…after a lot of wood and planning and nails..we are making headway and getting ready for the roof to be put on next week. Granted…we didn’t want to sink this much money this soon…but after discovering the instability of the porch and the large amount of damage…i’m really glad its happening.

During repair shots..not quite complete:

Getting There!
Much Better!
Both Headers Replaced!