Thanks GoDaddy

How wonderful that go daddy has updated the instant web page software.

New formatting and all. I like progress. I really do. But…

NONE of the information transfers over. Including pictures links etc. So now…I can’t update my actual site…without redoing the entire thing. Including linking to fb and ebay and the blog. None of the writing…or uploads (ebook) are going to transfer over easily. I have to learn all new software.

Sure…try it they say. SURE…take a test drive they say. If you dont like it you can revert back they say. Well…seems you cant save your work…without getting rid of the other…and I havent yet to see a button that says..”go work on the first site”

So…now will look outdated and glitchy until I get motivated to sit down and redo the entire thing.

Im guessing that will be winter sometime.

No worries…I dont think anyone but spammers and stalkers look at it anyway.

I will ready to make some soap and jam and quit sweating my bum off on the house and yard. I have a few recipes im tossing around in my head to try out…but havent had a chance to make them. We actually had to BUY soap and jam since we depleted everything at Christmas!