Our cilantro

Last year

If you remember,  this was last years cilantro. Yes…killed. definitely killed it. And with a quickness.

Already bolted

So…considering last years batch we did pretty good this year. We got a late start mostly because the house needed so much done…but we have produce nonetheless.  The above cilantro have bolted..but we we able to make a couple of awesome batches of homemade guacamole. 

Its just got to hot too quick. Now we have to re-pot it before the seeds drop so we can get some baby cilantro plants.  Of course…trying to do anything with it through August is pointless.

I have read a few conflicting articles that say give it space vs plant tight. We did start to see some powdery fungus on it so im going to say..it needs more space.

We have definitely had more success this year with herbs than past tries. Except for the rosemary.  Anyone can grow rosemary.