Let me tell you…what happens when you buy a house…

Especially a house that has been vacant for a year or two in a somewhat wooded area.

I know I have written in awhile. .but its time. We have been a bit busy.

We bought the house…worked on it for about 5 or 6 weeks every wknd…after work until the wee hours of the morning.

We moved in about two months ago? I’m not..because honestly…there is so much “drama” and so many fires to put out…it has felt like an eternity already. It feels like home. The happy little crooked dysfunctional Halloween house on the hill. With my favorite doormat.

What happens when you attempt to move into a vacant house?

One…nothing works. I mean NOTHING that is not missing works. And if it works…its DEFINITELY not going to work on the first try. Period. We have put in or repaired nearly all the light fixtures (except maybe two or three and those really don’t count because we still had to put bulbs in them), rebuild all 3 toilets, put in a water heater and fix the a.c.. replace numerous pipes…fixture and faucets (and one super awesome Jacuzzi tub that we have pretty much given up on) replace bathroom vents (fart fans…very important), replace all the grills throughout the house, replace all the plug (cords wont stay in) & light switches and switch plates (still pending completion), get a fridge, sand walls, tear out and replace sheet rock, paint every single wall in the house, fix garage windows and motors, pulled out some cabinets, replace all the locks and deadbolt and some are still twitchy because the door frames are…bad. and clean. And scrub and clean and scrub some more. And still cleaning. The is an old basement smell driving me insane and an almost gone dog smell in the garage. After fixing all the water leaks and drying everything out…I now begin to worry about mold I can’t see. Of course.

Yeah. We have been busy. And there is SOOOO much more still to do. See some of the pics! Too much to list…and I’m too tired to even know where to start.

Another thing that happens…is you have to somehow…convince nature that this is your house now. I feel like a I need a magic rabbit or snow white to come have some tea with me, the bees, the wasps, the carpenter ants and this one squirrel.  We should also prob invite the stray cat the my kitty go in a tangle with the the neighbors deaf dog over also…and try to explain the situation and show them the deed. The squirrel is living on the front porch. I guess I should say IN the front porch. And now…after a couple of weeks of “what is that noise do u hear that? ” and calling the bug guy…I think since HE didn’t even know what it was… (he thought it was wasps) I have finally figured out the culprit. See pics of sawdust around window…rotted wood delightful entry way and my ghetto bug guys desperate attempt to halt all suspicious activity (gonna have to talk to him about that. Hey…I know there is rotted wood and the spindles don’t match but we don’t use spray foam around here)

What we thought were wasps…
Oh…just remnants of the spray foam the bug guy fed the ants
The entryway for carpenter ants
Squirrel Heaven apparently..members only
I left this one somewhat big so you could really appreciate the fine detailing HUD put into repairing the home
Crooked little hud home repairs
The sky is falling!
I mean ceiling is falling. Seriously?

I need a drink. Or 6.