I think…

Good lord with the filth in this house! I cannot believe people actually were living in this home. I have scrubbed…and scrubbed and made myself sick with bleach and damn near really did some damage by mixing some odor stuff with bleach. oops.

And I still cant get all the gunk off. Kiltz isn’t even working. DO NOT EVER USE POSTER TACK ON YOUR WALLS!!!!!

It does not come off, even when scrubbed, sanded, kiltzed over…its still there. There only sure solution was to cut it off. And I’m not doing that through the whole house. But I have spackled, sanded, prepped and scrubbed and spackled some more.

We got the electric fixed, the fridge in, the water fixed..all the toilets rebuilt and have started painting. Sill priming… and debating on the floors…but we are getting there.

Love it! Even has filtered water
Love it! Even has filtered water
It really does seem like we are just making a huge mess...
It really does seem like we are just making a huge mess…

Painting progress

Ripped out the old...and the older...looked better!
Ripped out the old…and the older…looked better!
Foyer before painting
Dear god! Have to do something with that carpet. I HATE carpet on stairs!