Our government sucks.

And anyone who thinks that having these idiots run our healthcare is an absolute idiot. Every program that the gov’t runs is a disaster.  Corrupt and uses shady practices.

I say this…becasue I am pissed. HUD. You know…housing and urban development.  Yeah. They suck. They are ripping people off and robbing them blind. They dont negotiate. ..they pull out last minute bs costs and arent doing anyone any favors esp low income people. The low income people that they are most commonly associated with.

Its to the point apparently that my realtor doesnt even want to sell the hud homes. Apparently,  this is common practice for them. Every time she attempts to sell a home…she has to deal with bs.

Oh sure…the $100 down is a great deal right? Helping us poor souls who cant save up 20% down for a house…even 3.5% down. Blagh. Bullshit.

They dont negotiate on price. Period. And if you bid anything over their asking price…in attempt to get the house that you might really want…you have to pay that in cash. And they are limited by what the will pay for closing. Only 3% so that leaves you paying the rest. Nice. Good thing I dont have to pay a down payment since closing costs can run into the 5 or 6 thousands. Hmmm.

So…you make the offer. They accept the offer. You jump through hoops for 2 weeks getting all the paperwork straight, gathering your cash. Get the official loan approval and WHAM all of a sudden they say the house is ACTUALLY 4000 less that what the listed it for. Really? Wow. Ok. Cool. Wait…that means I have to pay and additional 4000 in 2 weeks…on top of the 3 grand im already paying?

Seriously?  How can you just change the asking price in the middle of a contract? How is that even legal? How is that helping anyone?

So..no. we are backing out of the contract. Sure…we can renew. But some idiot is going to offer the “listing price” just like we did…and get the bid. And if HUD pulls this shit again…the new seller may or may not have the 4000.  If we are constantly offering the selling price we will never win the bid.

They have found a way to inflate their own houses. And make sure they get large amounts of cash at closing.

Buyer beware.

Hud can kiss my ass.