Finally! Found a house…

Ok…found it like 3 months ago but have been dwelling and stressing and toiling.

After looking at multiple homes and seeing the exact same damn floor plan over and over…and ranging from prices dirt cheap to what the hell are they thinking? For that? The market is all over the place! And coming up. Investors are making it hard on the little guy and banks are lending but they are putting the houses on the market. I feel like im at Wal-Mart on black Friday…every day.

We decided. Its a huge mongous VICTORIAN with everything we need and more. I despise the driveway but for the price…and the opportunity for profit when the market comes way back up…we had to do it.

Hopefully I can post pictures soon…but I dont want to jinx it. It needs some minor work…but whew…im ready for all this to be over.

Our offer is accepted…now…to closing!

Merry Christmas everyone!