I am a soap snob

I am a soap snob…with good reason. Even though I no longer make soap for profit, I still keep up.

And it infuriates me when I see articles like this.

soap article

I hate to have to put the site on blast…but my god…really? Not only does this guy sell his product for cheap…somewhat downgrading the art itself and making it hard for those who do use quality products to make a profit…he clearly states the chemicals he is using and he is still marketing it as all natural and making a profit!

Glycerin soap is basically melt and pour. Period. A Shea butter base could be either. But any product that lists “FRAGRANCE” as an ingredient is suspect! Im sorry. And to not even clearly state that the fragrances he uses are certified phthalate free etc?

SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE  (SLS) is listed as questionable in beauty products amd rates right up there with triclosan in my book. And he proudly states it as an ingredient on his soap listings.

Not using these products is the purpose for buying handmade soap!

And look and what he is drying the soap on? Sales papers? With dyes and inks on them…hmmm. not usually recommended in the soap communities.