Oh…oops. I think I hurt someone’s feelings.

Sooo…we found a house. Just a house. Wasnt in love with it…but it suited all the needs and some future needs (pool) etc. Nice flat yard. 

But it was sitting up for awhile…overgrown,  full of the prior owners stuff…even a car. I you assume when something is as is…that the crap is gonna stay. Esp when it looks abandoned.

So…they were “artists” and every room in the house was custom painted. ..and dark. Murals on the wall etc. Way over done to be a small house. A small traditional cape cod house all white even with a picket fence. Then inside…purple cabinets. Uh…no. I like neutral walls. At least slightly normal hint of color walls.

Anyway….I low balled them and hurt their feelings. Even though its supposed to be a short sale (desperate to get out of my ass) where the bank calls the shots ..these idiots instantly rejected the offer and requested full listing price.  Uh..no…unless the paint the inside, clean up the yard and get the trash out. Nope. As is. Even the car I guess?  K.

So the next day we get another email saying the “bank” wants 10 more. K. Next morning we submit the offer. A few hrs later…they suddenly have another offer that is higher and reject the bid…no negotiation.

Oops. Guess we insulted them. Hopefully the next house we find, the owners won’t be so damn attached to…and proud of.