I know what I SAID!

Ok…I know I said we would be doing this whole homestead thing from the apartment.  But..I’m a house kind of girl. Sure sure…I love not having to worry about the grass and maintainence. But. The people upstairs are driving me insane. I have tried to switch apartments and that hasn’t worked. Even trying to get a 3 bedroom apt hasn’t worked.

I miss my quiet. I miss my grill and my fire pit. I miss letting the dog run free (I think he misses it too).  I miss having extra space if I need it and I’m sort of tired of parking half a mile away from my door.  I cant sleep most nights because every little noise wakes me up. Every little noise and sometimes I’m not sure if someone got body slammed upstairs or if I was dreaming it.

I need privacy. I want a fence. A BIG FENCE. I want my fire pit back! I think I left it at the old place. Just for lack of anywhere to put it.

And that brings me to my current gripe. We have been deceived as a nation. We are not broke. A few maybe having a hard time but we are not struggling.  Out of 9 pages of home listings…only 3 weren’t pending. Or already sold. Some get pending contracts within 2 weeks of the listing. Hell…I even sold my busted up old house within 3 months. People ARE buying homes. People sre getting mortgages.  The banks have not shut down amd shut us out. If anything. .it wss easier to get approved this time around than it was last time. Way easier. And get down payment assistance. .. and that’s after a short sale last year. Amd not only that…I am going to get a whole helluva lot more house for my money than I did the last time. If I cam find a house..and catch it before someone else does.

All this boo woooing needs to quit. People are thriving.  Walmart is packed. Dont even think you might get a spot upfront…cuz it ain’t gonna happen.  And hell. .I prob won’t even be able to find a house anytime soon. Maybe some of it is the fact that I have set a limit and I know what’s what..and I’m not overpaying for a hunk of junk!

Sure…there’s talk about a crash. Hell…as frustrating as this house thing has been…in ready for it to crash! So I can get a damn house! Ugh. I know..that’s horrible.

And this whole thing is so frustrating. .the finding a house inly to find out its already contracted. ..me and the boyfriend are about to kill each other over it.

I have figured out why it seems everyone else has been one step ahead. I was doing what I thought was the ‘easy’ way and turns out I was getting all my info later than everyone else. I’m not gonna say how…becasue my current competition may hopefully continue using that method.

Anyway. .I’m ready to be done with this house thing. So I can get to canning and growing and hopefully have a lot less to complain about. I did finally get my car back…that’s a bonus!