Did away with facebook!

Yep…I did it. I’m sick of it. If feels worse than watching tv. Like its brain rot. And so much of the information on there is crap or inaccurate.

And you know. ..its just bothersome and intrusive.  Esp when you are in a relationship. ..and the phone keeps dinging…or your relaxing and someone chimes in. Or you wind up spending every bit of free time you have posting…or reading…or arguing with people you don’t know about god knows what. There is a sense of intimacy there. And fb lets hundreds of strangers in on pretty much everyrhing in your life…and that’s not even counting the marketing set up. It lets exs keep up with you. Your mother can know your every move..or your kids. And all the other wackos that out there.

In this day and age…I think privacy and intimacy and real conversation have been replaced with quirky sayings..a quick stalk through etc. It has allowed me to keep tabs on friends..without any real effort.

It has become an addiction.  And god forbid you miss a friend request. .lord knows we all need instant notification that someone wants to play candy crush with you.

And it seems that everyone I talk to says they hate it…or its annoying.  Or they are complaining about something on it..or the privacy crap. Then why is everyone on it? Why are phones constantly beeping with fb crap?

I’m tired of it being in my life. There are so many other things I could be reading (or writing) to enlighten me or enrich my mind… so many other things to focus on. My son…my family. Even my dog is better for me…

Its a waste…and I can only hope it goes away. It has ruined relationships and marriages…kids don’t even know how to talk to each other. 

And I have been complaining about it for years…and the last time I reactivated it was becasue the boyfriend and I broke up amd he moved out. That’s really about the only thing fb is good for. Its super easy to find a date…or someone to talk to when your lonely. Of course, I like to rant to empty space that no one reads…well, except for maybe my biggest fan (stalker) but who cares what she thinks.