Stupid Obama

Selfish arrogant Obama.  Yes. I said it.

I don’t know what this mans issue is. I really can’t think of any successful ventures he has had…and I really don’t care.

I know one thing that he has succeeded in doing. ..and that is ripping this countrys people to shreds and ripping a hole right down many lines.  Any race or class issue that America has ever had…this man has brought it straight out on the table…exacerbated it…flaunted it..made promises to the underdogs and caused more strife between religions,  races, sexes, fiancial classes…everyrhing. you name the clash between people..he has stuck his nasty lying hand down right in the middle of it amd stirred the pot.

He hasn’t been focused on helping people. He hasn’t been focused on unity. He hasn’t gently promoted tolerance,  and understanding. 

He hasn’t encouraged compromise.  He has promised all the underdogs everything they always dreamed of at any and all cost to their ‘other side’  without encouraging them to be understanding of anything.  He has told people that they deserve this,  and they have a right to this. And no matter what.. its yours ..who cares about the other guy.

I have never seen so much strife and hate among people. At least in my lifetime. I have never experienced such a lack of empathy. Just blatant,  don’t give a damn…its mine. ..I’m taking it…so f you…I don’t care about the cost to you.

I have seen it on fb…even experienced it on fb. Multiple arguements with people. ..trying to talk logic. Trying to understand…trying to explain what damage they aren’t seeing…to no avail. Screamed at cussed at…called names. I even rec’d hate mail. Lost friends, gained a few. Whatever.  Just as a silent observer…people are out of patience. They no longer respect each other. The rarely have logical, sensible educated talks about the ways of politics…and how things work in favor or each side.

I recently witnessed a liberal and a patriot conservative type having a go on facebook. On someone else’s page. The liberal was spewing names…like slave, douchebag…can’t think for themselves, liar…stupid. that was all he said. The other party was quoting books and such…and attempting some sort of decent chat. The moderator even came in and asked everyone to play nice…and guess what…the conservative apologized. But the liberal never even acknowledged the request. He kept at it..attacking. attacking stupid big business slavery. ..etc.

So I made a comment drawing attn to the fact thst the liberal had 3 times as many posts. ..and pointed out that he was attacking the other guy…calling him every name he could think of.

Guess who got dropped? Me.  Yeah. Go f ing figure.

So…I have seen rage pages against bakeries that choose to not bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. Democrats throwing tampons at people screaming at people.


Black and white arguements…and white hate pages where they say mixed marriages are wrong…and that its only to thin the white blood line crap and a ton of other stuff.

People are complaining about the welfare program and disabled people..and them not doing there part. And the wealthy not caring about other people…and not giving up enough money to the govt. Really? Yes…disabled people need help. Sure…the wealthy are the only ones bringing in good money but my god…you cant bleed them dry. Being disabled…can be defined many ways. Being overweight…is not a disability. Walking with a limp is not a disability.  There are people missing limbs…and they still work.

But Obama has brought all this to the surface. He has made the not haves resent the haves but worked really hard for it. He has made the haves despise the not haves because they are feeling like they are emptying their pockets.  Obama has taken all the anger and resentment of the people…and inflamed it for his own purposes.  He hasn’t supported anything…that won’t divide people. And when he has touched these flames ..he hasn’t done anything to try and compromise with each side. He is circumventing the law… going against any side he can. He is sneaky and shady and riot inciting.

Instead of going on tv and trying to calm the masses when a young black boy was murdered…he played the race card. He didn’t discourage rage…he incited it…saying the boy could have been his son. He didn’t say hey…calm down…lets get all the facts straight…and let the judcial system work. No…he started a riot before the body got cold. I wonder who told him this was a good idea? Is his job as a president to corrupt and divide people? Or is it to unite, and calm us? He isn’t doing any of these things. He has everyone in a state of unrest. Even the govt itself is nervous…fema stocking up supplies..and freaking out. Shutting down..because Obama acts like a spoiled little brat and refuses to negotiate a deal that most americans don’t want, can’t afford and that he and his other political morons are exempt from.

He is like the worst parent ever. When the kids come up and kid 1 says hey…he got more allowance than I did. Kid 2 says…yeah..but I mowed the grass and weeded the garden while you sat on the porch.  Instead of explaining to kid 1…that if he had helped..he would have gotten more…he tells kid 2 to give half of it to kid 1 one because he needs it.

That’s not how it works. That doesn’t create unity. That creates hate. And creates more of the same next wknd…and then BOTH kids are going to sit on the porch. Then you can pay someone ELSE (illegals) to do it…for cheaper.

That man has ruined us. He has removed life liberty and the pursuit of happiness from us. You can’t pursue your dreams. .because if it does well…and you do well…you have to provide for someone else’s happiness.

Im afraid to move forward with anything..because i just dont know whats coming next.  


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