I feel crippled by the “free website”


Ok, so once you go HTML, you can’t just go back. Its driving me insane that I cannot customize purepurrfections.com exactly the way I want. Granted, learning how to do it with HTML, and file manage and hosting and etc…was quite a challenge…but this is driving me batty.


My previous host, hostgator…was awesome. It was costing me more than I was making…so I cancelled it and went with go daddy controlling my domain. I say controlling, because they basically are. Unless I decide I want to spend the extra money every month to procure “hosting” I am stuck with the free hosted “website builder” which is websites for absolute dummies.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not a website snob. But once I have been fully in charge of everything, and hosting my own site, and can completely create anything I want..its hard to go back to …. moms house. If you know what I mean. I cant even put a simple HTML command into my website. I cant upload my eBook, and put in a simple link to charge a buck for it with an unlock key, or page on this new set up.  Its hindering my CREATIVITY!!!!


blagh. but its cheaper. Maybe I am now website snob.

hmph. maybe my cheap ass just needs to dish out the 7 bucks a month and make it happen. Hard to justify it though, for a hobby.