Ok, it is inevitable

Unreal! Health insurance is a nightmare! I pay nearly 200 bucks a paycheck for dental and health insurance. Thats 2400 approximately. Then I have a 2500 deductible. Thats about 5000. Half of that is whether I use it or not. Seriously. And that’s just for me. Not including any family or kid.

Great, I’m covered. Perfect. Not to mention I PAY everytime I use it. 40 bucks here and there…plus medicines. I have to say, I’m a below average user. I Dont run to the doctor everytime I think I could, mainly because I can’t afford it. Seeing a doctor on the regular is a luxury. I need glasses too, but blew my budget on that for the kids glasses. He absolutely has to have them,  I don’t. And his insurance covered the stylish Drew Carey military glasse frames that you see every kid from the 70s wearing. I couldnt do that to him, especially since I get (at the time) child support and that I can make it happen.

My problem is, with Obama care unfolding, requiring people to have insurance coverage is not the solution.  Thats like requiring everyone to buy at least one bar of soap from pure purrfections. How freaking awesome would THAT be! I would be rich and I could run the price up to whatever I wanted! You are giving the insurance companies even more freaking power! They are causing half, more than half the problem!

Doctors aren’t deciding your healthcare, the pencil pushers who never went to med school are.  They can approve, disapprove, set prices, determine when, where and how you have your treatment. 

I’m not pissed so much as I am just frustrated, as many people are.  I trust my doctors. I wouldn’t go to them if I didn’t. 

Last week, my doctor orders a urine specimen and culture. Went to the lab at the hospital NEXT door…where I went last time…and after I sat there for 30 mins and wstched every last CSR go to lunch (I was the I only there) I felt like I should have said more. Like “hey, have nice lunch, see ya when u decide to come back.” Or “grab me sandwich please”

Dumbasses. Anyway…they sent me around the hospital to someone who wasn’t at lunch, only to be told I couldn’t do the test there but that I could go to their OTHER facility (same company) and have it done because this hospital doesn’t accept my insurance unless I’m bleeding out.

Nice. So….off I go.

What a beautiful new facility it was. A nice little compiter checkin (that I did all by myself) and then was brought into a closet to pee in a cup.

Nice, state of the art, otherside still being built facilty of the same company I had already talked to this am and I was sent to check myself in and pee in a cup in a closet. Cool.

And that’s NOT all. Thats not even the problem that has caused to me throw my personal business all out in the open for god and everyone to see…its the fact that…I needed a procedure.  My office was setting it up. ..getting it scheduled told me how much I would need to pay them. And then I would also have to go register at the hospital.  Huh? K. Shit…here we go again.

Well…seems they wanted to put me to sleep…and even though I didn’t think the procdure warrented that, I was unaware of any other options.

The hospital informed me that I would need to pay the remainder of my deductible.  After what I paid my doctor…which amounts to about 2100 bucks…but,  I could make payments. How nice!  How thoughtful. ..at least I can get done what needs to be done and worry later about this 2500 bill.  Thats always good for healing I hear.

So what does any broke competant woman do? I start juggling credit cards and whine to my doctor!

Well…my doctor. ..was a little taken about my entire cost..and informed me she has the stuff to do the procedure here in the office. Hmmm. K. I’m interested. She said they started putting people to sleep because women were so jumpy…some of them even freak with a pap smear (are you kidding me?) So they just automatically schedule it over there…but I don’t come across as that type of woman ?

I’m not. If I can sit through a four hour tattoo. ..I can take what you can dish out in ur little 5 min procdure.  And lets not forget CHILDBIRTH. 

Muah hahahahaha….

Soooo…30 minutes later,  I have pescriptions to fill and take the morning of (a little something to ‘relax’ me) and I feel good.

My doctor and I were able to make a plan and choose the best option for the situation. .. and its going to cost me about 100 bucks. 2 office visits and some pills.

That’s…why patients and doctors should be making their own decisions about healthcare and NOT some insurance companies latchkey.